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3 Ways Our Tools and Teams around the World Are Combatting COVID-19

From everyday infection prevention to repurposing Ebola response, these approaches are helping health systems manage the coronavirus threat.Read more

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Gender Equality: The New Business as Usual

The past four years have brought some exciting changes in the US government when it comes to progress in gender equality.

U.S. Investments in Foreign Aid Provide a Healthy Return

What if you could take a fraction of a penny and use it to help train a global health workforce?

In Costa Rica, Strengthening Health Systems Has a Human Side

Until I came here, I thought of “health system strengthening” strictly in clinical, technical terms. But it's more than that.

Nine Polio Workers Dead in Nigeria: How Can We Move beyond Condemnation to Actions that Protect Health Workers?

First Pakistan, now Nigeria. Today, nine female health workers were slain while working on a polio eradication campaign.

A Timbuktu Doctor on the Horrors of Providing Care under Jihadist Occupation

When Islamist militants came to town, Dr. Ibrahim Maiga had no choice but to make a deal.

Here’s to Fewer Underage Marriages in India in 2013

Health workers, teachers, and religious leaders can prevent underage marriages. In India, we're helping them do it.

Vistaar: Two Decades of Collaboration for Women and Children

A lot has changed during the past 20 years of partnership between IntraHealth and the Government of India.

Tackling the Global Burden of Disease, One Health Worker at a Time

We've come a long way over the past 40 years in preventing and treating infectious diseases.

The Ongoing Fight for Safety, Equality, and Health

At IntraHealth, our work of empowering health workers around the world intersects with gender violence more often than you might think.

Gender-Based Violence in Maternity Care

Why, despite the risks of home birth and the benefits of institutional delivery, are most women in Ethiopia still giving birth at home?