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The Case for Frontline Health Workers in Addressing Noncommunicable Diseases Globally

This policy report explores the challenges countries face incorporating noncommunicable disease care into frontline health workers' scopes of practice and makes recommendations for overcoming them...

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Primary Health Care Overview

An overview of IntraHealth's work in primary health care.

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Advocacy Overview

An overview of IntraHealth's approach to advocacy and selected case studies from Uganda, the Dominican Republic, and West Africa.

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India Country Brief

An overview of IntraHealth's work in India.

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Transforming Health Workforce Training: FUNZOKenya brochure

An introductory brochure to IntraHealth's FUNZOKenya project.

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Ethiopia Country Brief

IntraHealth has worked in Ethiopia since 2003 to improve HIV/AIDS services; maternal, newborn, and child health services; and digital health systems.

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Health Workforce Overview

This document offers an overview of IntraHealth's Health Workforce initiatives.

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Strengthening the Role of Nurses and Their Frontline Teams to Provide Quality Care in Rural Zambia: Results of a Formative Assessment

A brief overview of an assessment identifying what nurses in rural Zambia need to effectively lead frontline teams.

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Updating Standards in Post-Graduate Surgical Education

This success story describes how the Palestinian Health Capacity Project facilitated the first-ever revision of the Palestinian National General Surgery residency program curriculum.

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mHero Brochure

A brief overview of mHero

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