Everyone everywhere should have the health care they need to thrive.

We work with health workers to make this vision a reality.

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The best medicine for a person is another person. Wolof proverb

Our Impact

In 2015, we reached 246,203 health workers who provided health care to 492 million people.

$275 Million

saved by 22 countries that use IntraHealth's free iHRIS software


new users of modern contraceptives


people tested for HIV


children received recommended vaccinations

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The Latest

We proudly join more than 130 organizations to oppose President Trump's reinstatement of the #GlobalGagRule today. Read the joint statement below. The policy hinders health workers' ability to provide high-quality & often lifesaving family planning care & information to their clients. "The policy interferes with the doctor-patient relationship by restricting medical information healthcare providers may offer, limits free speech by prohibiting local citizens from participating in public policy debates, and impedes women’s access to family planning by cutting off funding for many of the most experienced health care providers who chose to prioritize quality reproductive-health services and counseling over funding that restricts care and censors information."


This year, our annual list is filled with abundant uncertainty, & cautious hope for progress:… https://t.co/yePO4dxCgB


Seeking a #TechnicalAdvisor for #HealthWorkforce dev in #Afghanistan. More consultant opps avail! #TriangleTuesday https://t.co/ZYuESQM8k4

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