Everyone everywhere should have the health care they need to thrive.

We work with health workers to make this vision a reality.

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The best medicine for a person is another person. Wolof proverb

Our Impact

In 2015, we reached 246,203 health workers who provided health care to 492 million people.

$275 Million

saved by 22 countries that use IntraHealth's free iHRIS software


new users of modern contraceptives


people tested for HIV


children received recommended vaccinations

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Why #IHEARTHEALTHWORKERS “I love health care workers because they work extremely hard, irrespective of bad weather conditions or limited resources. I witnessed that first hand when I accompanied a team of health workers during a week-long men’s HIV testing campaign in Andara District of Namibia’s Kavango Region..." Read more from our Cherizaan Willemse, program officer in Namibia: https://tmblr.co/ZHb1Xr2IS0DIL


Imagine delivering a baby without clean gloves. Or giving a #Vaccine without a sterile needle. #MNCH #Tajikistan… https://t.co/4wkrOpSVnC


"Understanding how people engage w/ information is crucial for #HealthCare innovation." #SocialScience #SwitchPoint… https://t.co/jIOxlCaJUy

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