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Amanda Puckett BenDor

Former technical advisor, HRH and knowledge management, IntraHealth International

As IntraHealth International’s technical advisor for HRH and knowledge management, BenDor represented IntraHealth on the K4Health Project. 


A Real-Life Cinderella: Remembering My Mother

My mother was lucky to have fairy godmothers—a team of physicians who helped her manage a terrible disease.

What I Learned from Working on the Ebola Response

At the beginning of the outbreak teams were doing what they've done for years: working in their own bubbles. But Ebola changed that.

What Will Family Planning Look Like in 2036?

Who knew 20 years ago that mobile phones would become a crucial tool in reproductive health? And what do the next 20 have in store?

As Spirits Rise in Sierra Leone, Technology Offers More than Ebola Recovery

Sierra Leone is becoming the third country to adopt a mobile phone-based platform called mHero for Ebola recovery and beyond.

10 Lessons for Stronger Health Information Systems in Ebola-Affected West Africa

The international community came together in Accra, Ghana, last month to make a plan.

The mHero Story

This mobile technology is connecting people and making health systems stronger amid West Africa's ongoing Ebola outbreak—and its story is just beginning.

From Guinea: The Doors Shut by Ebola are Starting to Open

Government and international aid workers alike are collaborating to address Ebola in Guinea, but challenges remain.

Tipping the Scale: Lessons from the mHealth Forum about Investments in Collaboration

Much was said at the inaugural Global mHealth Forum about bringing mHealth innovations and programs “to scale.” But how?

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