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Nearly one in six Zambian adults are living with HIV, and every year, more Zambian health workers emigrate to other countries in search of higher salaries and better working conditions. This combination of emigration and growing health care needs leaves the Zambian health system grossly understaffed. Currently, there are only eight nurses and one doctor for every 10,000 Zambians, fewer than half the minimum recommended by the World Health Organization.

Since 2007, IntraHealth International has partnered with the Zambian government and other stakeholders to increase access to high-quality HIV counseling and testing services and to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission.

Selected Achievements

Provided HIV testing, counseling, and prevention services for over 400,000 people in Zambia via lay counselors; all clients that tested positive were referred for care and treatment.


Trained 300+ lay counselors in Zambia to advise clients living with HIV on adhering to their antiretroviral medication,  avoiding transmission or re-infection with HIV or other sexually transmitted infections, and the proper use of condoms.


Helped nurses in Zambia improve leadership, management, and technology skills

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Partnered with the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University to pilot the Pratt Pouch in Zambia, a drug delivery system that enables women who deliver outside of health facilities to administer antiretroviral doses directly to their newborns.


Launched a training program in Zambia to build the leadership skills of nurses who have the power to transform primary health care in the country.


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