IntraHealth International, Inc. Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 4/28/08

This Privacy Policy specifies how we protect the personal information of our donors and website visitors. It describes what information we collect, how we use it, who we share it with, and how we protect it. It also tells you how you can contact us if you have any questions or need to update your information.

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. When we do so, we will update the effective date at the top of this page and next to the Privacy Policy link on our home page. We will also provide a paper copy of this Privacy Policy upon your request.

The Information We Collect and How We Use It

Donor Information
When you donate to us, either through our website or otherwise, we collect personal information, such as your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address, and information about your method of payment, such as your credit card or bank account information. We use this information to process your donation and to communicate with you about it. If you choose to donate on a monthly or other recurring basis, we will store the information about your method of payment to allow us to process your future donations. We may also use your personal information from time to time to update you about our work or how we use your donation.

Employment Information
Our website sometimes contains open job positions and may invite you to volunteer with us. If you inquire about one of these positions or volunteer opportunities, the website may ask you to send us an application or a copy of your resume or curriculum vitae via electronic mail or postal mail. These materials will naturally include a variety of personal information about you, including your name, address, telephone number, email address, and work history. We keep such information strictly private and only use it to assess your qualifications as an employee or volunteer and to perform other related human resources functions.

Other Information You Provide
You may occasionally decide to submit personally identifiable information, such as your name, address or e-mail address, for reasons other than donating to us. For example, you may request an email newsletter or ask for additional information about our work. We collect and store this information and use it for the reasons you submitted it to us. We may also use this information to keep you updated about our work.

Information We Automatically Collect 
We do not collect any personal information when you visit our website unless you specifically choose to provide such information to us. We do, however, collect non-personal information about you, such as the Internet address associated with your computer, the type of web browser you use, your operating system, the site that referred you to us, the pages you visited, and the dates and times of those visits. If you have followed a link to our website from a newsletter or a referring website, we may send a “cookie” to your web browser to help us match those referring sites to donations. This cookie does not contain any personal information and is deleted when you close your browser or leave our website. In general, we use this nonpersonal information to improve the performance and content of our website and to diagnose any problems which may arise.

Who Receives Your Information

Except as specified in this section, we do not allow other organizations to use our mailing list or your personal information to solicit donations from you or to try to sell you any product. We do not sell, rent, or exchange our mailing list with any other organization.

Disclosure to Service Providers
We may provide your personal information to other companies who perform certain administrative services for us. These services may include processing credit card and automated banking donations, sending electronic and postal mail, and hosting our donor information database. We require these companies to keep your information confidential. See “How We Protect Your Information” below for more information.

Other Disclosures
We may disclose your personal information to the government or to third parties in response to inquiries from law enforcement agencies, court orders, subpoenas, or similar requests. We will also disclose your personal information if we believe doing so is necessary or appropriate to protect the property, health, or safety of any person, if we believe that failing to disclose it will expose us to liability, or if we believe that it has been submitted to us in connection with any illegal or immoral activity.

How We Protect Your Information

We and our vendors use a variety of technical measures to protect the confidentiality of your information. When you complete our online donation form, your information is encrypted by your web browser before it is sent to us. Once this information has reached us, we use industry standard security measures, such as firewalls, encryption, intrusion detection, and site monitoring to prevent unauthorized access to it. Your personal information is stored in a secured location and may only be accessed by employees and contractors who have a need to access it as part of their jobs.

The vendors who process your online payments are required to use high-grade encryption and security protocols. All vendors who process your donations to us are required to meet all industry standards and to certify their compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, which has been developed by the issuers of credit cards to help protect the security of credit and debit card information.

Please be aware that because new security threats arise frequently on the Internet, no website can be completely and permanently secure. Although we make significant efforts to take appropriate security precautions, there is no guarantee that such efforts will be sufficient to block every attempt by criminals to access information.

External Links

Our website may contain links to other websites on the Internet. Unless we specifically say otherwise, we have no control over the content of those websites, make no claim about what they contain and do not endorse their contents. If you discover that our website links to a nonexistent web page, or a page with inappropriate or incorrect content, we would greatly appreciate your telling us about it by sending us an email to We naturally cannot assume any responsibility for the content on any linked site.

Please be aware that the websites we link to have their own privacy policies, which differ from our Privacy Policy. We encourage you to read their policies before providing them any personal information.

Contacting Us

Our main telephone number is (919) 313-9100

Our postal address is:
IntraHealth International, Inc.
6340 Quadrangle Drive
Suite 150
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

We strive to make sure that the information in our records is accurate. If you have donated to us and would like to correct or update your personal data or to adjust your mail preferences, you can do so by calling us at our main telephone number and asking for the development manager, or by sending us the update via postal mail sent to our postal address, attention: Donor Services.

We want to know what you think about our services and policies. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about this Privacy Policy or our website in general, please send an email to or call us or write to us at our main telephone number or our postal address.