We've worked in Guatemala and throughout Central America since 1993 to strengthen health sectors and address the HIV epidemic among high-risk populations. In Guatemala, we focus on interventions to improve the quality of care, reduce stigma against people living with HIV, and promote human resources planning. 

We partner with the government, NGOs, and civil society to improve the capacity of health providers to deliver high-quality, comprehensive HIV and AIDS care and treatment, especially for key populations at higher risk for contracting the virus.

Key Results

orange cross Reduced hiring time for new health workers from four months to 15 days.
health facility icon Improved quality of care in 70+ health facilities by applying our OPQ methodology.
nurse icon Empowered the ministry to gather data for 60,500 health worker records in iHRIS.

Selected Achievements

Worked with 22 hospitals and 50 health centers in Guatemala using IntraHealth’s quality-improvement approach to assess and improve staff performance.
Provided competency-based training to thousands of regional health workers and community members in Guatemala to reduce HIV stigma and discrimination and to promote biosafety, voluntary counseling and testing, and teamwork skills.
Applied our Optimizing Performance and Quality methodology in 15 Guatemalan hospitals to systematically analyze the performance of health workers, organizations, and systems, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the National AIDS Program.
Developed and helped 20+ higher education institutions across Central America integrate a new HIV curriculum into their nursing, medical, or other health professional training programs.
Identified 300+ performance standards in 18 service areas to pinpoint gaps in health worker performance in Guatemala. Helped the health facilities use these gaps to inform facility improvements and further train 1,850 health workers.
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