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ASAP II & USAID Office of HIV/AIDS: Communications Webinar

Members of USAID's Office of HIV/AIDS Communications Team present why and how to tell your story, including developing strong content and photos – and how to work together on stories! You'll also gain...

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Manuel de formation sur le leadership et la gouvernance du conseil d'administration

Cette formation présentera aux participants/formateurs les éléments clés de la gouvernance et se concentrera sur le développement des compétences en matière d'appropriation de la gouvernance et d...

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USAID Financial Policies, Internal Controls and Compliance

This webinar will review key USAID financial policies and internal controls necessary for compliance. There will be time for local implementing partners to ask any questions they have throughout the...

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Business Development: Pre-RFA to Post Submission Best Practices

This session is designed to build the skills and knowledge for organizations to respond to USAID RFAs compliantly and competitively, from pre-RFA release preparation, through live application...

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Writing an Abstract

The webinar will highlight the importance of elaborating an abstract, the procedure to follow, language/styles to avoid and how to share/use findings from abstracts. During this webinar, we will also...

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Board Leadership and Governance Training Manual

This manual is designed to meet five specific learning objectives: 

  1. Enhance the capacity of the board and management
  2. Refresh knowledge of board governance
  3. Highlight the importance of a board mandate and...
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NUPAS Plus 2.0 Training Webinar

In this webinar, the ASAP II Team will go through the NUPAS Plus 2.0 tool used to assess organizational capacity. They will cover the usages of the tool, implementation, and additional resources...

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USAID West and Central Africa and Beyond Local Partner Meeting November 6-9 2023

West and Central Africa and Beyond Local Partner in English and French.

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Institutionalizing Good Human Resource Practices

This webinar will focus on strengthening human resources through outlining policies and procedures, recruitment processes, and the importance of market value salaries. It also aims to provide insights...

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