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10 Global Health Issues to Watch in the 2020s

We have a lot to do before 2030, if we're going to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.Read more

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An Excerpt from Kate Tulenko in the New York Times: Foreign Health Workers in the US Come with a Cost

In the NY Times, Tulenko discusses the dire economic and social consequences of insourcing and how it threatens the quality of care.

National Conventions and International Issues: The DNC Provides Great Opportunity to Promote Global Health

Women’s reproductive health rights are a heated topic in the United States (US) this election year. I had the opportunity to attend an advocacy event focused on reproductive rights and access at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) last week.

Insourced: How Importing Jobs Impacts the Healthcare Crisis Here and Abroad

I saw people out of work in the US and health workers being imported from countries that could ill afford to lose them.

Task Sharing, Not Task Shifting: Team Approach Is Best Bet for HIV Care

By developing a more rational division of labor among HIV/AIDS health workers in developing countries, we can go a long way in “Overcoming the Last Barrier to Universal Access,” and nurses have a significant role to play in that effort.

Moms and Mangos: Documenting How Skilled Birth Attendants Are Making a Difference in India

After three-plus years of “working in India,” last month I finally had the opportunity to actually work in India. Prior to my UNC-IntraHealth Fellowship, I worked on a program promoting...

Policy Champion Rep. Lowey Takes Up Frontline Health Workers Cause

Rep Nita Lowey introduced a resolution recognizing the importance of frontline health workers to accelerating progress on global health.

Turning the Tide on HIV/AIDS Takes Health Workers

As we approach the 2012 International AIDS Conference, it seems time to reflect on the critical role that health workers play in HIV/AIDS services.

Photovoice: Using Photography to Reduce HIV Stigma and Discrimination in Guatemala

As an artist who has worked in a variety of settings, countries, and languages, I know one thing for sure: images can communicate what words cannot.

Frontline Workers Can Provide High-Touch Solutions to the Family Planning Conundrum

This weekend I returned from a long period of travel, having visited programs in eight countries in six weeks—some where I have lived, others where IntraHealth has had a significant commitment in partnership with the local government and communities, and still more where I feel I have spent so much time visiting over the past 25 years that I have come to feel at home.

Mobile Apps to Support Community Health Workers: Adapting Trusted Content to New Mediums

Hesperian Health Guides staff describe how they adapted print-based health information sources to use on mobile technology.