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For two decades, we've partnered with Tanzania’s Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the private sector to strengthen the country's health workforce, increase access to and quality of health services, and improve the health and well-being of Tanzania's 45 million citizens. 

We work with our partners and Tanzania’s frontline health workers to prevent HIV, provide family planning and reproductive health services, leverage technology and data for stronger decision-making, and help health officials plan for, recruit, and deploy an effective health workforce.

We value strong partnerships, sustainability, and creative solutions that work—and it shows in our results in Tanzania. 

Key Results

Nearly 2,000 people received care and treatment for gender-based violence.
Over 579,000 men and boys have opted for medical circumcision.
Over 2 million people tested for HIV.

Selected Achievements

Provided voluntary medical male circumcision to over 579,000 men and boys in Tanzania, thereby reducing recipients' risks of contracting HIV through heterosexual intercourse by 60%.


Provided HIV testing and counseling to over 1 million people in Tanzania.


Partnered with Vodacom and others in Tanzania to carry out the Health Network Programme, which opens invaluable lines of communication between health workers and government officials.


In Tanzania, partnered with local factory owners, boda-boda drivers’ organizations, and the entertainment industry to combat the spread of HIV.


Built working relationships between police officers, teachers, social welfare workers, and frontline health workers to combat gender-based violence in Tanzania.


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