About IntraHealth International

For over 35 years in 100 countries, we’ve partnered with local communities to make sure health workers are present where they’re needed most, ready to do the job, connected to the technology they need, and safe to do their very best work.

We’re a global health organization that focuses on people.

Young or old, rich or poor, we all need access to the best health care possible.

That’s why we work with countries around the world to make sure their health workers are trained, supported, and ready to do the job. Our local partnerships are leading to global results—and a healthier future for us all.

We focus on health workers. Without them, health care doesn't happen.

At IntraHealth, we know that health care is about people—not just those who need it, but those who deliver it.

The people who provide health care need to feel safe at work. They need training that’s up to date. And they need access to the supplies, equipment, and technology that will help them reach even the most remote and vulnerable communities in a fast-changing world.

Without health workers, health care doesn’t happen.

Join us and together we can make lasting changes in global health—for all of us.

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