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Listen to Nurses: Applause Is Not Enough

“Applause is nice but not enough,” says Karen Elouise Gijan Piga, a nurse supervisor in the Philippines. “What I need is legislation that umbrellas the safety, protection, and adequate...

Dr. Mary Nandili: A Voice and Vision for Nursing Leadership

If it's in the policy, it's easier to reinforce. So now the policy's my priority.

Nurse Leadership: In Their Own Words

We set out to document what nurses think about nurse leadership and the gender-related barriers they face at work. Here's what they had to say.

Alice Boit: A Voice and Vision for Nursing Leadership

Most of our nurses in Kenya are going abroad. If I could tell policymakers one thing, it would be this.

Mary Akai Supat: A Voice and Vision for Nursing Leadership

I don’t think nursing is a job that is coveted by many, but to me, it's a calling.

Teresia Wambui: A Voice and Vision for Nursing Leadership

Policymakers should recognize us nurses more and give us leadership at the county level.

5 Things Policymakers Must Do to Support Midwives like Me

I’m a midwife in Lagos, Nigeria. I’m a health worker on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, by necessity, I am also an advocate. I work in a primary health center—the first tier of...

4 Ways to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Health Workforce

Lessons from Uganda for a safer, more equitable health sector.

In Uganda, These Four Women Improve HIV Services for Hundreds of Clients

How four women health workers are providing HIV services at one rural health center in Eastern Uganda.