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3 Ways Our Tools and Teams around the World Are Combatting COVID-19

From everyday infection prevention to repurposing Ebola response, these approaches are helping health systems manage the coronavirus threat.Read more

Intrahealth International


Syria: In a Doctor's Words

For Dr. Qasem al Zein, the revolution began with a feeling of hope.

Preventing Stockouts, Saving Lives

We talk a lot about the need to increase demand for family planning, but the reality is simple: no contraceptives, no demand.

Emerging Pandemic Threats from Animal Sources: The Need for Greater Health Worker Capacity in Developing Countries to Prevent and Control Them

Diseases transmitted from animals to humans cause 2.4 billion human illnesses and 2.2 million deaths every year.

Picturing Our Work: Teaching Teachers to Save Lives

Nigeria has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. We're working with health workers to change that.

Namibia's Frontline HIV Counselors Offer Help When it's Needed Most

It takes both knowledge and courage to seek out complex HIV care. These counselors offer both.

The Other 16 and Pregnant

Without access to reproductive health services, adolescents' plans could be interrupted by unintended pregnancy.

Hearts and Minds: Service Day for IntraHealth's Ramallah Office

In honor of IntraHealth's 10th anniversary as an independent nonprofit, staff around the world spread out to volunteer at organizations in need.

Let's Talk About It

Family planning seems to be on everyone’s minds these days. How can we keep the momentum going?

Overcoming Obstacles to Accessing Mental Health Services in Ethiopia

How can we develop Ethiopia's mental health workforce and improve the system overall? There are some ways.

No Health Care without Health Workers

As one of the six building blocks for health systems strengthening, the health workforce is best addressed systematically rather than with silver bullets.