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3 Ways Our Tools and Teams around the World Are Combatting COVID-19

From everyday infection prevention to repurposing Ebola response, these approaches are helping health systems manage the coronavirus threat.Read more

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Task Sharing, Not Task Shifting: Team Approach Is Best Bet for HIV Care

By developing a more rational division of labor among HIV/AIDS health workers in developing countries, we can go a long way in “Overcoming the Last Barrier to Universal Access,” and nurses have a significant role to play in that effort.

Moms and Mangos: Documenting How Skilled Birth Attendants Are Making a Difference in India

After three-plus years of “working in India,” last month I finally had the opportunity to actually work in India. Prior to my UNC-IntraHealth Fellowship, I worked on a program promoting...

Policy Champion Rep. Lowey Takes Up Frontline Health Workers Cause

Rep Nita Lowey introduced a resolution recognizing the importance of frontline health workers to accelerating progress on global health.

Turning the Tide on HIV/AIDS Takes Health Workers

As we approach the 2012 International AIDS Conference, it seems time to reflect on the critical role that health workers play in HIV/AIDS services.

Photovoice: Using Photography to Reduce HIV Stigma and Discrimination in Guatemala

As an artist who has worked in a variety of settings, countries, and languages, I know one thing for sure: images can communicate what words cannot.

Frontline Workers Can Provide High-Touch Solutions to the Family Planning Conundrum

This weekend I returned from a long period of travel, having visited programs in eight countries in six weeks—some where I have lived, others where IntraHealth has had a significant commitment in partnership with the local government and communities, and still more where I feel I have spent so much time visiting over the past 25 years that I have come to feel at home.

Mobile Apps to Support Community Health Workers: Adapting Trusted Content to New Mediums

Hesperian Health Guides staff describe how they adapted print-based health information sources to use on mobile technology.

Expanding iHRIS to Support the Social Services Workforce

We are planning how to expand the iHRIS Suite to include the social services workforce. The social services workforce is critical.

Observing Hope: Pediatric HIV Prevention in Two Health Centers in Ethiopia

In 24 months, 1,919 babies have been delivered in government health centers in these two communities, and only one of them has been found HIV-positive. That’s a pretty good performance, even in a country with a relatively low 1.5% adult HIV prevalence.

Because Health Workers Save Lives: Why I Care about Human Resources for Health

I grew up in a small village in Kenya. I remember witnessing mothers delivering babies on the roadside while attempting to trek to a health facility miles away.