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Boniface Sebikali

Boniface Sebikali

Former senior clinical training advisor, IntraHealth International

Boniface Sebikali was the Senior Clinical Training Advisor, Technical Leadership, at IntraHealth International. Since 1987, Sebikali has been training physicians and health workers around the world, helping them to provide the highest-quality services and to comply with local and international best-practice protocols. Training, coaching, and mentoring clinicians and supporting the quality of care in Africa, he says, is a way to save and improve lives and give back to his home continent. Read more


Vasectomy as an Integral Option for Family Planning in Kenya

Kenya is taking steps to address its health workforce shortage and the gender imbalance in contraceptive availability and use.

Family Planning Has Yet to Take Hold in West Africa—But Change Is Coming

What does the health workforce have to do with family planning and contraceptive rates? A lot, it turns out.

Family Planning: Be an Example

From politicians to community and international leaders, we should all be more engaged in helping couples make informed choices about family size.

How Health Workers Influence Attitudes and Decisions about Family Planning

Last month, a new World Health Organization publication compared current data to data from the early 1990s on the readiness, willingness, and ability of women to use modern contraceptives in sub-Saharan Africa.


Tutorat: Building a Culture of Quality in Senegal’s Primary Health Care Facilities

This technical brief covers our Tutorat mentoring approach to improve quality of care in Senegal.

This brief is part of a larger publication about IntraHealth’s innovative...

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On the Verge: Is Kenya Ready to Add Vasectomy to its Method Mix?

A Qualitative Study of Vasectomy Users, Providers, and Stakeholders in Four Counties

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Improving the Quality of Postabortion Care Services in Togo Increased Uptake of Contraception

High-quality postabortion care (PAC) services that include family planning counseling and a full range of contraceptives at point of treatment for postabortion complications have great potential...

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Optimizing Performance and Quality

Optimizing Performance and Quality (OPQ) is a stakeholder-driven, cyclical process for analyzing human and organizational performance and setting up interventions to improve performance and...

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Guidelines for Integration of Fertility Awareness Methods into Educational Programs for Health Professionals

This document presents guidelines to assist in integration of Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM) into established educational programs for health professionals.

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