Ethics at IntraHealth International

IntraHealth International is guided by our Code of Ethics. IntraHealth operates in many countries around the world and has diverse government, corporate, and individual funding sources. IntraHealth expects its employees to comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations in the respective countries where we work. 

Every employee must consistently maintain an ethical stance, support ethical behavior, and avoid the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising practices. Employees should encourage open dialogue, get honest feedback, and treat everyone with whom IntraHealth conducts business fairly and with honesty, objectivity, and respect.

IntraHealth encourages employees and others covered by our Ethics Policy to report in good faith wrongful conduct using the organization’s whistleblowing mechanisms. IntraHealth also welcomes legitimate reports from parties external to IntraHealth using these same mechanisms. IntraHealth will investigate all reports. 

IntraHealth encourages employees and others covered by our policy to report wrongful conduct within the organization and to enable them to do so without fear of retaliation. IntraHealth encourages covered individuals to report wrongful conduct and provide truthful information in connection with an inquiry by a court, agency, law enforcement, or other governmental body in a matter related to IntraHealth without fear of retaliation. For purposes of this procedure, “wrongful conduct” includes, but is not limited to, a serious violation of IntraHealth policy, including its Code of Ethics; a violation of state or federal laws, including applicable laws, regulations, or policies in specific country locations; financial impropriety or wrongdoing; and the use of IntraHealth property (including intellectual property), data, resources, or authority for personal gain or for other purposes that do not comply with IntraHealth’s policies and agreements.

Reporting Mechanisms

  1. You can file a confidential report via email to the ethics officer at
  2. You can also submit a report anonymously using the Whistleblower Hotline.

The Whistleblower Hotline is completely anonymous. IntraHealth cannot determine the identity of an individual who files an anonymous report and will not attempt to identify that person. If the report instigates an investigation, IntraHealth will not be able to communicate the results of the investigation to the individual who filed the report.