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3 Ways Our Tools and Teams around the World Are Combatting COVID-19

From everyday infection prevention to repurposing Ebola response, these approaches are helping health systems manage the coronavirus threat.Read more

Intrahealth International


A Growing Movement to Solve the Frontline Health Workforce Crises

The REAL awards are part of a movement to solve one of the largest hurdles in global health.

Caktus Sponsoring and Speaking on Mobile Health at SwitchPoint 2013

SwitchPoint is a one-of-a-kind conference and a unique opportunity to learn, share ideas, and hear about global and mobile health efforts around the world.

Tough Decisions for Health Workers Who Care for the Boston Marathon's Wounded

Many are alive today because of the health workers who were ready to treat their injuries as soon as they rolled in the door.

A Guatemalan Nurse Works for Better Staff Performance—and Better Services for Patients

“I like providing support and care to patients,” says Rosa Lara de Forela, the subdirector of nursing at the Pedro de Bethancourt National Hospital in beautiful Antigua, Guatemala.

Health Is Wealth

Meet three men in Africa who share two key beliefs: access to health care for all people is vital, and healthy people build strong economies.

SwitchPoint: Global Good Ideas

In this era of the meme and the like and the retweet, I never tire of stories about people who have built something incredible out of nothing, especially when they have built it to help someone else.

Tracking Down the Silent Killer

World Health Day 2013 is marked by a call for intensified efforts to prevent and control hypertension, also known as high blood pressure.

We've Made Staggering Progress in Maternal Health in Bangladesh. Where Next?

In the last 20 years, maternal mortality in Bangladesh has dropped from 574 to 194 per 100,000.

ICTs in Maternal and Child Health Poised for Scale-Up in Uttar Pradesh, India

The health sector in India is rapidly harnessing the power of technologies to streamline and enhance the quality of its maternal and child health services.

"You Never Think It Will Happen to You": Health Workers Confront the Risks of Tuberculosis

Patricia Bond was working as a nurse at a health facility in South Africa when she developed some troubling symptoms.