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A New Social Work Cadre to Offer Services to Tanzania’s Most Vulnerable Children

I wanted to share some thoughts on an inspiring initiative undertaken by the Tanzanian government to create a new social worker cadre to care for and support the country’s most neglected and vulnerable children.

Celebrating World AIDS Day: Getting to Zero

This is a day to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and reflect on where we have made achievements in battling the epidemic and where we need to do better.

Family Planning and Access to Health Workers

Amid the worldwide health worker shortage, some low-income countries are managing to show impressive levels of modern contraceptive use. How does access to skilled health workers affect family planning use, and what are some countries doing differently?

Family Planning: Be an Example

From politicians to community and international leaders, we should all be more engaged in helping couples make informed choices about family size.

Talk Early and Talk Often

Many people consider “family planning” an adult topic. While it is a topic that affects adults, it should not be an adults-only topic.

Family Planning in West Africa: Courage and Conviction Can Make the Difference

As someone who has worked in this field for over 25 years, it is with mixed emotions that I prepare for the International Family Planning Conference in Dakar later this month.

From Cairo to Dakar: Population Dynamics in Mali

Twenty years ago I arrived in Bamako, Mali, and discovered a capital city settling into relative calm following a military-led coup. My first images of Bamako were of cows, cars, and citizens grazing, grinding gears, and gridlocked on Bamako’s main artery through town—the Route de Koulikoro.

Honoring Fred Sai, a Relentless Champion

As our community prepares for the International Family Planning Conference in Dakar, Senegal, later this month, we at IntraHealth International salute Professor Sai’s achievements and congratulate him on his latest award.

Global Health: A Historic and Momentous Movement

I just returned from listening to a speech by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Great strides are being made in bringing HIV/AIDS under control.

The Seven-Billionth Person: A Global Health Workforce Perspective

The global shortage of health workers means an estimated billion people with no access to essential health services according to a 2010 WHO report.