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Mkama Mwijarubi

Mkama Mwijarubi

Former program officer, IntraHealth International

Mkama Mwijarubi was a program officer for IntraHealth International in Tanzania.


In Tanzania, 22.8% of Teen Girls Are Mothers

The country is turning its focus to young people—which make up half its population—in part by training thousands of health workers to deliver different methods of pregnancy prevention.

In Rural Tanzania, Everyone Has a Role to Play in Ending Gender-Based Violence

Health workers are forging key partnerships to halt the violence.

In Tanzania, Medical Circumcision Services Rely on a Predominantly Female Nursing Workforce

One woman talks about the ups and downs of providing this HIV risk-reducing service.

HIV Testing Support in Tanzania Puts Emphasis on Impact

Some international NGOs are changing the way they work in Tanzania as the CDC forges a new path toward the AIDS-free generation.

When HIV and Gender-Based Violence Intersect, Women Suffer in Silence

An IntraHealth study finds that most health workers in Mara region, Tanzania, don't know how to care for survivors.

Healthy Community Means a Healthy Workforce for this Tanzanian Town

In Bariadi district, we teamed up with a local cotton gin to prevent HIV and make sure locals have access to health workers who can help.

Behind the Scenes: Attracting Mainstream Media Attention for Health Workers

An email in my inbox one month ago invited me to attend the first planning meeting for a visit by Pape Gaye, our president and CEO, to Tanzania, but it was also an invitation to elevate health and health workers as newsworthy topics to my former teammates: journalists.