Christine Sow

Former executive director, Global Health Council

Dr. Christine Sow is the former executive director of the Global Health Council.

An internationally recognized advocate for global health, she has more than 20 years of US and international leadership experience. Holding a doctoral degree in epidemiology, Christine has led many initiatives in health sector policy development focusing on scaling up community health strategies and increasing access to lifesaving commodities and facilities. She has held a variety of leadership and advocacy roles, working with key international health organizations including UNICEF, the US Agency for International Development, and FHI. Christine has also served as the Global Fund country coordinating mechanisms chair in Mali and as a delegate to the World Bank’s Civil Society Consultative Group for Health, Nutrition, and Population.


Ten Key Trends that Are Shaping Today’s Global Health Outlook

When Christine Sow took the helm of the Global Health Council last year, she set out to pinpoint the global health community’s priorities.