Amy Bess

Coordinator of the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance

Amy Bess is the coordinator of the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance, a network that aims to generate the knowledge and evidence, resources and tools, and political will and action to address key social service workforce challenges in low- and middle-income countries.She has 20 years of program and management experience with international non-profit organizations.  Bess has designed, managed, and evaluated emergency response and community development programs for vulnerable children in Africa, Asia, and the Balkans, focusing on the psychosocial well-being and protection of children and youth. She has also managed US-based refugee resettlement programs. She has an MSW in community organization and administration from the University of Michigan.


Social Service Workers Address Ebola’s Widespread Social Impacts

Stress. Fear. Loss. Ebola's effects on children, emergency responders—and entire societies—can be devastating.