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Uganda Brings Ebola Expertise to the West African Response

Ugandan health workers are heading to West Africa to share what they've learned from the country's four outbreaks in 15 years.

To Eradicate HIV by 2030, We Must Invest in Health Workers

Decades of HIV response have shown us that the solution to any global health emergency—including Ebola—lies with health workers.

Can the Global Fund Help Address New Health Challenges?

Richard Seifman explains why he thinks the Global Fund's role could be expanded to help fight Ebola.

Human Resources for Health in the 21st Century

Let's make HRH part of the upcoming discussions on global governance for health.

Emerging Pandemic Threats from Animal Sources: The Need for Greater Health Worker Capacity in Developing Countries to Prevent and Control Them

Diseases transmitted from animals to humans cause 2.4 billion human illnesses and 2.2 million deaths every year.

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Health Professional School Leadership and Health Sector Reform, Performance, and Practice

This technical brief highlights some examples of how the education and research leadership of health professional schools has engaged, influenced, or obtained resources from national policy-makers...

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