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Data Can Tell Stories—and Improve Health Care

In Liberia, technologists are learning to make two powerful information systems operate together, slowly revealing the story of how family planning there does—and doesn't—work.

Movers, Shakers, Thinkers, Doers Converge on Former N.C. Mill Town

These three innovators are hell-bent on changing the world. And now they're headed to Saxapahaw, NC, for SwitchPoint 2014.

Top 10 Global Health Issues to Watch in 2014

Games. Youth. War. We’ve got our eyes on 10 topics that will shape 2014 for us all—especially for members of the health workforce.

At the Source of Health Care, Health Workers

We picked Malik Jaffer’s brain about health worker heroes and what it’ll take to make more of them.

Picturing Our Work: Harnessing mLearning for Training Health Workers

In this age of rapidly emerging technologies, how can we improve the way we provide training to health workers?

What’s the Best Way to Retain a Health Worker? Just Ask Her!

The world currently has a shortage of some 4 million health workers, amplified by a complete mismatch between where health workers are stationed and where they are most needed.

Picturing Our Work: Who’s There?

IntraHealth's Dykki Settle was excited to show me his photos from his latest trip to Uganda to support the launch of the country’s HRHIS.

Working Differently: An Invitation from Pape Gaye to SwitchPoint

It is fundamental that international NGOs and development practitioners start to work differently, and that is what SwitchPoint is all about.

Educating Health Care Workers in the Balance of Technology and Humanism

As technology and the access to medical information have exploded worldwide, we may be ill-prepared to balance the technologic aspects of care with those of the art of medicine.