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David J. Olson

Independent Global Health Communications and Policy Consultant

David J. Olson is an independent global health communications and policy consultant with more than 25 years of experience in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Follow him on Twitter @davidjolson.


Women Trying to Regain Dignity by Ending Fistula

For many women with obstetric fistula, marital and social status—and quality of life—hang on the fate of an operation.

West Africa Finally Starting To Embrace Family Planning

West Africa has the lowest modern contraceptive use and the highest fertility rate in the world. But the region is on the verge of change.

Three World-Changers: Drones, Schools, and Sanitary Pads

Digital humanitarians, poverty-fighters, and more head to Saxapahaw, North Carolina, this week for SwitchPoint 2015.

Catching the Wave: Family Planning is Taking Off in West Africa

The modern contraceptive prevalence rate for all of sub-Saharan Africa is 23%. In West Africa, it’s 11%. But that's beginning to change.

Ebola Makes the Definitive Case for Health Workers and Strong Health Systems

Ebola has become a grisly but effective champion for health systems strengthening and frontline health workers.

Movers, Shakers, Thinkers, Doers Converge on Former N.C. Mill Town

These three innovators are hell-bent on changing the world. And now they're headed to Saxapahaw, NC, for SwitchPoint 2014.

In Ethiopia, the Beat Goes on, in Music and Health

How do you get young people to talk about family planning? Just unpack the music studio and hand them the mic.

Years of Investments Finally Put Health Workers on the Global Stage

The payoffs aren't immediate, but building strong, resilient health systems is the key to making care sustainable for all.

In Costa Rica, Strengthening Health Systems Has a Human Side

Until I came here, I thought of “health system strengthening” strictly in clinical, technical terms. But it's more than that.

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