Nursing & Midwifery

Nurses and midwifes are essential to good health services around the world and play a vital role in efforts to expand primary health care and achieve universal health coverage (UHC). As a global leader in human resources for health, IntraHealth International assists government and local partners to strengthen their capacity to plan, develop, manage, and support their nursing workforces.

IntraHealth is a partner in Nursing Now, a three-year global campaign (2017-2020) to raise the status and profile of nursing. Nursing Now is guided by the findings of the 2016 Triple Impact report, which concluded that empowering nurses will strengthen global health, improve gender equality, and build stronger economies.

Building on 40 years of experience improving the training, performance, and work environment of nurses and midwives, IntraHealth’s key approaches in nursing and midwifery include:

  • Applying systems and tools to assess and address challenges in transforming and scaling-up education and training
  • Designing programs and advocating for enhanced leadership and management roles for nurses
  • Assessing, addressing, and advocating for gender equality and against gender-related discrimination and barriers in nursing education, professional advancement, and conditions of work
  • Developing digital health platforms to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in nurse training and on-the-job support
  • Strengthening nursing professional associations, policies, standards, and regulations
  • Promoting approaches for improved performance and productivity of nurses and midwives
  • Advocating for and supporting task sharing and expanded scopes of practice to increase nurses’ responsibilities and impact in appropriate ways.

Selected Achievements

Improved the capacity of nurses leading community health facilities in Zambia to lead frontline teams to achieve high-quality services and advance UHC through a Certificate in Leadership and Management Practice program


In Uganda, contributed to an assessment of public health workplaces and used the findings to inform Sexual Harassment Policy Implementation Guidelines approved in 2018 by the Ministry of Health


Facilitated storytelling training for health workers to advocate at the highest level for global health policy change


Partnered with the government of Senegal to implement Tutorat, a “whole facility, whole system” performance improvement approach that combines facility-based training for nurses and other health workers with supportive coaching.


In Namibia, supported implementation of the government’s policy on nurse-initiated management of antriretroviral therapy (ART), a task-sharing initiative to equip nurses to initiate and manage ART


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