Pam McQuide

Pamela McQuide

Former global human resources for health technical advisor

Pamela McQuide, PhD, RN, is the former global human resources for health technical advisor at IntraHealth International.

She has over 20 years of international experience in the field of global health. She brings extensive expertise in human resource planning and management, health workforce data generation and use, human resource information systems (HRIS), health policy, and health services research. In her recent role as IntraHealth’s country director for Namibia, McQuide oversaw management of the USAID Technical Assistance Project, including assisting faith-based organizations to strengthen their organizational capacity and make data-driven decisions. She led the national effort to apply Workload Indicators of Staffing Needs (WISN) to assess staff requirements at all Namibian public sector facilities and worked with the Ministry of Health and Social Services on human resources management strategies to ensure equitable access to quality services.


Proud to be a Nurse

Years ago, at a workshop on shaping health policy for nurse leaders, I heard a speaker say, “Nurses are this country’s best kept secret, and we need to wake up.”

Community Health Workers Save Lives

In places where there are no nurses or doctors or people have to travel a distance to see one, community health workers play an invaluable role of offering basic health care and information to often isolated or remote communities


Human Resources for Health: Workforce Analytics for Design and Planning Report

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COVID-19 Workforce Surge Planning Tools – Rapid and Remote COVID Workforce Assessment: A User Guide

A user guide for predicting COVID-19 health workforce staffing needs.

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Namibia National WISN Report 2015: A Study of Workforce Estimates for Public Health Facilities in Nambia

This report describes the findings of a Workload Indicators of Staffing Need (WISN) exercise in Namibia.

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Applying the workload indicators of staffing need (WISN) method in Namibia: challenges and implications for human resources for health policy

As part of ongoing efforts to restructure the health sector and improve health care quality, the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) in Namibia sought to update staffing norms for health...

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