Investing in the Power of Nurse Leadership: What Will It Take?


Women make up 70% of the total health and social care workforce and an even larger share of the nursing and midwifery profession, yet women only comprise 25% of health system leadership roles.

This report draws from a review of existing literature, a survey of 2,537 nurses and nurse-midwives from 117 countries, and eight key informant interviews of nurse leaders to provide an in-depth analysis of the gender-related barriers to and facilitators of nurse leadership. The report derives from that analysis a set of recommendations for policymakers and implementers at the global, national, and institutional levels to accelerate strengthening nursing leadership and gender equality in the global nursing workforce.

Publisher: IntraHealth International, Nursing Now, Johnson & Johnson

Topics: Leadership and Governance health workforce & systems Nursing & Midwifery 2020 Health Workers Midwives Nurses