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Ria Bock


Ria Bock

Former chief of party, Namibia

Ria Bock, MPH, is a registered nurse with more than 20 years of experience working in the public health sector in Namibia. Before becoming chief of party in 2017, she was deputy chief of party for the USAID HIV Clinical Services Technical Assistance Project (UTAP) in Namibia since May 2015. She managed primary health care programs in Namibia's Ministry of Health and Social Services at the facility, district, regional, and central levels. Her last position in the ministry was managing the National HIV/AIDS Control program for Namibia. Prior to joining UTAP, Bock worked for Peace Corps in Namibia and was part of the PEPFAR Namibia country team.

Bock holds degrees in nursing and public health and is a Namibian citizen. She has 15 years of experience implementing HIV and TB prevention, care, and treatment programs in Namibia, where she provides leadership, technical, and strategic guidance for the UTAP program, representing the project to senior levels of the ministry and the US Agency for International Development.