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10 Women Who Are Disrupting Global Health and Tech

We're geeking out over 10 of the inspiring, disruptive women headed to SwitchPoint next month.

Necessity Breeds Lifesaving Invention—and a Hub to Launch More Innovation

It seemed like a normal workday, but an unexpected crisis gave Dr. Dayo Olakulehin an idea that could save lives around the world.

SwitchPoint 2015: Innovation, Ingenuity, and Global Development

SwitchPoint is one of those experiences that stays with you for a while. I took home with me a jolt of creativity.

Why Strengthen the Health System?

Think of the global progress we could make if we, as organizations, talked less and listened more. This came up again and again at SwitchPoint.

Can Creative Innovators Drive Global Health and Humanitarian Change?

Yes, they have and they are. And we saw it happen at SwitchPoint 2015.

3D-Printed Hands, 3-Cent Maxi Pads, and More at SwitchPoint 2015

Development without dialogue just doesn’t work. Day 2 of SwitchPoint was all about partnerships for lasting progress.

Digital Jedis, Social Entrepreneurs, and the Real Heroes of Global Health

Hundreds gathered today in North Carolina for SwitchPoint, all looking for forces to join, partnerships to forge, and good to do.

Three World-Changers: Drones, Schools, and Sanitary Pads

Digital humanitarians, poverty-fighters, and more head to Saxapahaw, North Carolina, this week for SwitchPoint 2015.

To Do: Get Hands Dirty, Make Something Useful, Solve World’s Problems

With a little incentive and a lot of patience, you can create something useful—possibly even lifesaving—out of nothing.

You’re Not a Fraud, You’re an Innovator

What happens when you put a bunch of experts and creative non-experts in a room together? Answer: Big ideas are born.