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Small Sums, Incredible Impacts: Microdonation Challenge to Support Health Worker Education in Malawi

Compared to some health interventions such as buying a bednet, educating a new health worker requires a relatively large sum of money, but it is an investment with wide-reaching and enduring impact. Recognizing this, the IntraHealth-led, USAID-funded project, CapacityPlus has teamed up with to launch a microdonation mechanism for financing health worker education in Malawi.

Microdonation is a popular way of collecting small donations and pooling them together for a larger impact or financing pricier investments like health worker education. CapacityPlus is now employing a microdonation mechanism as a part of its commitment to develop innovative financing of health worker preservice education. During September, CapacityPlus will match all donations made to this project through in an effort to maximize its impact in Malawi and secure the project’s permanent place on  

Donations will finance classroom and clinical training and student scholarships for young people who plan to become clinical officers, which is a mid-level health care provider who can deliver basic health care services. In Malawi—where nearly a fifth of the country’s districts have only one full-time nurse, and 15% have no doctor—clinical officers are a critical part of a functioning health system. Currently, the Malamulo College of Health Sciences in Makwasa is able to train more students if more funding for tuition is made available. Please consider donating today!

What you can do today

Log on to  and donate to support the training of young health professionals in Malawi.

  • $25 will fund a student’s textbooks for the semester
  • $100 will finance a clinical internship, giving the student essential on-the-job training.

All donations will be matched. We aim to raise at least $4,000 from 50 or more donors to secure our project’s permanent place on