Private-Sector Approaches

We partner with corporations and organizations around the world to effect the greatest, most sustainable change possible. By putting our decades of country-level relationships and in-depth knowledge of health workforce issues to work with our partners’ diverse areas of expertise, we achieve far greater shared results, often in new and creative ways.

When we join forces—whether it’s with a private hospital or training institution, a medical device or pharmaceutical company, or a telecom or software development corporation—it’s always with someone who shares our values. Let’s improve health and well-being around the world—together, and for the long haul.

Selected Achievements

In Tanzania, partnered with local factory owners, boda-boda drivers’ organizations, and the entertainment industry to combat the spread of HIV.
Bring together industry leaders in technology, humanitarian innovation, and global health at our annual SwitchPoint conference.
Partnered with Vodacom and others in Tanzania to carry out the Health Network Programme, which opens invaluable lines of communication between health workers and government officials.
Reduced contraceptive stockout rates to as low as 2% in Senegal using our Informed Push Model for supply chain management.
Teamed up with GE to train 10,000 health workers in Kenya through the GE Healthcare Skills and Training Institute.
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