IntraHealth Expands Its Work In Mali

High poverty rates have put health care out of reach for many Malians. Outside the capital city, Bamako, medical care can be difficult to access, as 25% of the population lives more than 15 kilometers from a community health center. Those who can reach health care establishments often find them short-staffed and undersupplied. These factors contribute to Mali’s high child and maternal mortality rates (217 out of 1,000 live births and 1,200 out of 100,000 live births, respectively)*.

IntraHealth Ranked 12th Among Public Charities In North Carolina

IntraHealth International jumped two spots to number 12 in the Triangle Business Journal’s Book of Lists 2009: Triangle Public Charities. Ranked by revenue, the listing reflects IntraHealth’s recent growth, with income increasing from $24,038,815 to $41,209,958 through government grants and the generous support of private foundations, corporations and individuals.

Namibia Begins Capacity Project Associate Award

In December, IntraHealth International, lead partner of the Capacity Project, received a $49 million, five-year Capacity Project Associate Award (FY2009–2013) in Namibia. The award will further the Project’s successful work in strengthening a network of faith-based and community-based indigenous Namibian organizations to offer high-quality, comprehensive HIV/AIDS services, and in strengthening human resources information systems in conjunction with the Government of Namibia. Dr. Emad Aziz continues in his role as team leader.

IntraHealth Expands Family Planning Activities In Rwanda

IntraHealth Director Named One Of Top 20 Most Influential Nurses In The UK

IntraHealth’s Barbara Stilwell has been named one of the top 20 most influential nurses of the last 60 years by the UK’s Nursing Times. She earned the award because she developed the first nurse practitioner training program in the UK. As part of the weekly magazine’ s coverage of the 60th anniversary of the National Health Service, the publication identified and revealed the list of 20 nurses at a special celebration in London on Thursday, December 4.

Capacity Project Contributes To Increased HIV Prevention In Namibia

According to the recently released 2006–2007 Namibia Demographic and Health Survey, the percentage of Namibian women being tested and/or receiving treatment for HIV has increased dramatically over the past six years. 

Workplace Violence, Gender-Based Discrimination And Human Resources For Health In Rwanda

In 2007, the IntraHealth-led Capacity Project conducted a study in 44 health sites in Rwanda to determine the nature, prevalence, causes and consequences of workplace violence on human resources for health. This study is intended to assist government ministries and other interested institutions develop policy and programmatic responses to the problem.