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Kenya Loan Program Will Help 10,000 Students in Next Five Years Become Health Workers

A new loan mechanism provides affordable loans to health professional students in Kenya who need financial assistance to continue their education. 

Dominican Republic's Health Sector Reinvests Savings from Ghost Workers to Improve Care

The Dominican Republic is reinvesting $6.2 million into its health sector, thanks to a Ministry of Health payroll analysis that revealed 10,000 ghost workers, or individuals who receive salaries but no longer work for the ministry.

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Liberia Uses mHero to Support Health Workers on the Front Lines of the Ebola Epidemic

This month, Liberia’s Ministry of Health and Social Welfare initiated real-time communication with health workers for the first time using mHero—a free SMS mobile phone-based system developed by IntraHealth International and UNICEF to help countries combat the Ebola outbreak, improve health sector communications, and ultimately strengthen the health system.

New Project Aims to Increase Availability of Reproductive Health Supplies in Kenya

On January 2, 2015, IntraHealth International will launch a new 12-month project to help reduce stockouts in rural Kenya and improve availability of reproductive health commodities, including contraceptives, medicines to treat HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections, and equipment to help women deliver babies safely.

Landmark Resolution Demands Protection of Health Workers from Violence

On December 11, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution that recognizes the severity of violent attacks on health workers, facilities, and patients in all circumstances.

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Pape Gaye Addresses US Senate Committee on the International Response to the Ebola Epidemic

Pape Gaye, president and CEO of IntraHealth International, will address the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on African Affairs Wednesday during the hearing, “The Ebola Epidemic: The Keys to Success for the International Response.” 

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New Additions to Comprehensive Suite of Health Workforce Tools

In September and October, the IntraHealth International-led CapacityPlus project published three technical briefs as part of its growing comprehensive suite of resources and tools for countries to use to strengthen their health workforces and address shortages, unequal geographical distribution, and other challenges.

FP2020 Progress Report Highlights Informed Push Model of Contraceptive Distribution

The new FP2020 Progress Report 2013-2014 highlights the remarkable worldwide progress in family planning since the London Summit two years ago, including through IntraHealth International’s informed push model of contraceptive distribution in Senegal.