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IntraHealth International to Lead $4.9 Million Health Workforce Strengthening Effort in Mali

Through a new three-year award from the US Agency for International Development, IntraHealth International will partner with the government of Mali to strengthen its health workforce, scale up progress in maternal and child survival, and protect its citizens from emerging health threats such as Ebola and pandemic influenza.


Senegal Completes Landmark Net Campaign on Its Way to Eliminating Malaria

The number of individuals protected from malaria and other mosquito-borne illnesses in Senegal skyrocketed last year.

IntraHealth and Partners Prepare to Make 5-Year Plan for Health Employment a Reality

The plan could fend off a projected global shortfall of 18 million health workers by 2030.

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Infant HIV Testing Soars from 30% to 94% in Northern Namibian District

The number of infants tested in Nyangana skyrocketed over the past year, thanks in part to IntraHealth's new tracking system.

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Report: Global Health Boosts North Carolina Economy by $3.7 Billion, Supports 26,000 Jobs

The global health sector in North Carolina improves lives around the world and fuels our local economy.

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IntraHealth International to Lead $64.8 Million Project, Reach 5.7 Million Ugandans with Essential Health Services

RHITES-East will expand access to and use of health services across 23 districts.

A Message to the US Congress: Do the Right Thing

The Trump Administration’s FY2018 budget proposal and other proposed policies would leave us all vulnerable to health threats.

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Health Workers and Facilities in 23 Conflict-Ridden Countries Attacked with Impunity in 2016

New report from coalition of more than 30 NGOs shows extent and intensity of violence against health workers globally remains alarmingly high, calls on the UN Security Council and countries to take concrete steps to end impunity.


The Latest in Global Health, Tech, and Stories from the Front Lines of Health Care at SwitchPoint 2017

This year’s program brings frontline health workers to the main stage.

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UNC Student Josie Caves Granted the Raluca Iosif Intimate Partner Violence Research Award

The award advances academic research on intimate-partner violence as a global health problem and a human rights violation.