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Emergency Care Comes into Focus in Ghana

In the emergency ward where she works, Dr. Eno Biney tells us how she saved a woman’s life the day before and how things might have turned out differently just a few years ago.

Dr. Christian Osae Obirikorang: "I'm a Health Worker"

What's most exciting about being a lecturer of molecular medicine at the School of Medical Sciences in Ghana? Dr. Obirikorang tells us.

One Nurse's Best Day at Work

Meet Phylis Cherono Siele, a nurse in Kenya's Tenwek Mission Hospital whose joy comes from helping clients find hope, even in the most difficult times.

Ten Key Trends that Are Shaping Today’s Global Health Outlook

When Christine Sow took the helm of the Global Health Council last year, she set out to pinpoint the global health community’s priorities.

Abduaraman Gidi: "I'm a Health Worker"

Meet an Ethiopian nurse whose passion lies in saving mothers' lives, and listen as he tells us about one of his best days on the job.

Sister Betty Ondoru: “I’m a Health Worker”

Meet Sister Betty, a nurse in rural Uganda who tells us about her best and worst days on the job.

Kenneth Magala: "I'm a Health Worker"

Meet Kenneth Magala, a Ugandan nurse who can tell you exactly what he loves most about his job.

Meet Eight Health Workers Who Love Their Jobs

During World Health Worker Week, we’re celebrating the people who provide life-saving care.

At the Oscars, a Spotlight on Health Care in the Midst of Violence

In Karama Has No Walls, we see health workers risk their lives to care for the wounded. It happens more often than you might think.

Serious Games Can Lead Young Players to the Global Health Workforce

Have you ever wished you could test drive a career ahead of time and start over if things go wrong? In Vital Pursuit, you can.