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Mothers Can Make All the Difference in the Health of Their Children—and of Their Communities

A Tanzanian woman named Teereza teaches her son to take ownership of his health, just like my mother did with me.

Building a Health Workforce to Achieve an AIDS-Free Generation

What will the woman nominated to be the next leader of the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief say about the health workforce?

In Rural Ethiopia, Change Isn't Always Easy

After 32 years of service in health care, Bekalu Afenew hoped his next post would be in a big city. It wasn't, but he didn't let that slow him down.

Circumcision Services Help Break the Sex Ed Silence

Young people in Tanzania have a lot more opportunities and resources for learning about sex today than they did when Paul Mwakipesile was growing up, he says.

Can We Put Aside Our Differences for Universal Health Coverage?

It’ll take more than a village. In fact, it’ll take a whole lot of networked villages, all working together.

At the Source of Health Care, Health Workers

We picked Malik Jaffer’s brain about health worker heroes and what it’ll take to make more of them.

Note to Self on World AIDS Day: Preventive Care Takes Work

Getting men and boys to line up for circumcision is no easy feat. But in Tanzania, mobile phone reminders help.

Namibia's Frontline HIV Counselors Offer Help When it's Needed Most

It takes both knowledge and courage to seek out complex HIV care. These counselors offer both.

Gender-Based Violence in Maternity Care

Why, despite the risks of home birth and the benefits of institutional delivery, are most women in Ethiopia still giving birth at home?

Turning Despair into Hope (and Not Just on World AIDS Day)

This World AIDS Day, let's celebrate the health workers.