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Traveling to Tanzania With PSI, IntraHealth International, and Mandy Moore

Jennifer James of Mom Bloggers for Social Good is in Tanzania this week to report on frontline health workers—and why they matter.

One Nurse's Best Day at Work

Meet Phylis Cherono Siele, a nurse in Kenya's Tenwek Mission Hospital whose joy comes from helping clients find hope, even in the most difficult times.

Zambia Could Be First Country to Distribute Pratt Pouch Nationally

It looks like a little ketchup packet. But it could help HIV-positive women throughout Zambia give their newborns a virus-free start.

Abduaraman Gidi: "I'm a Health Worker"

Meet an Ethiopian nurse whose passion lies in saving mothers' lives, and listen as he tells us about one of his best days on the job.

Healthy Community Means a Healthy Workforce for this Tanzanian Town

In Bariadi district, we teamed up with a local cotton gin to prevent HIV and make sure locals have access to health workers who can help.

“I Can Improve Things”: An HIV Peer Counselor in the Dominican Republic

In the aftermath of receiving discriminatory care at a local maternity hospital, one young mother living with HIV found her calling.

Mothers Can Make All the Difference in the Health of Their Children—and of Their Communities

A Tanzanian woman named Teereza teaches her son to take ownership of his health, just like my mother did with me.

Building a Health Workforce to Achieve an AIDS-Free Generation

What will the woman nominated to be the next leader of the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief say about the health workforce?

In Rural Ethiopia, Change Isn't Always Easy

After 32 years of service in health care, Bekalu Afenew hoped his next post would be in a big city. It wasn't, but he didn't let that slow him down.