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5 Ways to End the AIDS Epidemic by 2030

We’ve got 15 years to snuff out a virus that has killed 39 million people. These five approaches are going to help us do it.

When Health Workers Aren’t Really Health Workers

He’s a powerful spell-caster who can cure HIV with herbs, and more from my email exchange with a quack.

The Right Knowledge Can Stop Ebola from Widening the Gap in HIV Care

Ebola threatens lives in more ways than one. In Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, people living with HIV are feeling the effects.

“I’m a Health Worker”: Dr. Arturo Carrillo

Meet Dr. Arturo Carrillo. He's fighting to end discrimination and stigma in El Salvador's health services.

To Eradicate HIV by 2030, We Must Invest in Health Workers

Decades of HIV response have shown us that the solution to any global health emergency—including Ebola—lies with health workers.

When HIV and Gender-Based Violence Intersect, Women Suffer in Silence

An IntraHealth study finds that most health workers in Mara region, Tanzania, don't know how to care for survivors.

Men and Boys Come Out in Droves for HIV Services in Tanzania

In the northern regions, HIV services aren't always available. But when they are, health workers stay busy.

Mandy Moore and Jennifer James See Tanzania's Health Workers in Action

Two global health advocates experience firsthand the inner workings of a rural, mobile HIV facility.

Looking at Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision in the Field

In rural Tanzania, health workers toil away in tents to stem HIV.