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From Lost Boy to HIV Data Guru in South Sudan

Civil war drove him from his home when he was just a child, but now he’s back and helping the government track and manage HIV data like never before.

15 Stories You Shouldn’t Miss on World AIDS Day

From frontline health workers to families everywhere, AIDS has been changing life stories for over 30 years. Now we're changing the story of AIDS—and maybe even ending it.

In Kenya, One Mother's Struggle for an HIV-Free Family

The right training can help health workers reach mothers like Ruby, who was in denial for years after she was diagnosed with HIV.

In Tanzania, Medical Circumcision Services Rely on a Predominantly Female Nursing Workforce

One woman talks about the ups and downs of providing this HIV risk-reducing service.

Young People Need HIV Care and Services, Too

When it comes to HIV care, adolescents are often left behind. But a team at Shanamutango Clinic is working to change that for Namibia's young people.

From Cholera to Scholarship: How a Turkana Boy Became a Nurse

Emmanuel Etabo, a nurse in Kenya, works to save lives where life is tough.

For HIV Counselors in Zambia, Work Hits Close to Home

Albert and Philip search the local churches, bars, schools, and markets, offering help to those who are at risk but often out of reach.

HIV Testing Support in Tanzania Puts Emphasis on Impact

Some international NGOs are changing the way they work in Tanzania as the CDC forges a new path toward the AIDS-free generation.

Health Workforce Shortage Weakens AIDS Response

Africa needs over a million more health workers for HIV care.