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What Works and What's Missing in the New Global Goals

The new SDGs cover just about everything. But a few key elements are missing. What will it take to fill in the gaps?

When She’s Not Ready for Another Baby Yet

Nurse Jane in Kenya learned new family planning technologies. Now women in her community have more information and more options available to them.

It’s Not Complicated: Contraceptives Save Lives and Improve Health

Use of contraceptives reduces maternal mortality by nearly a third. So let’s make it an option for everyone.

Much to Celebrate on World Contraception Day 2015

Contraception has already changed the world for us all. Where will it take us as the next 15 years unfold?

Let's Not Be Squeamish About Family Planning's Fiscal Benefits

Contraception makes health sense and financial sense. Now is the time to make sure countries are ready to take advantage of it.

With Gender Equity Comes Vasectomy, and Vice Versa

Vasectomy is safe, effective, and leads to greater gender equity. So why hasn’t it caught on in many low-income countries?

Future Planning: Young People Making Choices

As we celebrate International Youth Day, we’re talking with young people about planning their futures.

Availability: Keeping Contraceptives on the Shelves in Senegal

The government of Senegal suspected that contraceptives weren’t consistently available at local health facilities. They were right.

Five Big Questions for the Future of Global Family Planning

For less than the cost of a cheeseburger per American per year, we could reduce population growth by 500 million. What's the holdup?