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You’re Not a Fraud, You’re an Innovator

What happens when you put a bunch of experts and creative non-experts in a room together? Answer: Big ideas are born.

Imams in Senegal Are Not against Family Planning

In Senegal, we have not been brainwashed by international donors to support family planning. Our primary interest is the well-being of the people of our country.

In Ethiopia, the Beat Goes on, in Music and Health

How do you get young people to talk about family planning? Just unpack the music studio and hand them the mic.

Let's Pass the Mic to Young People

As youth around the world get more involved in the field of family planning (or future planning), their voices are ringing out all the clearer.

Letter to the Editor: From Recife to Addis Ababa

We can't make reproductive health services fully accessible without taking on the global health workforce crisis, says Pape Gaye in a new letter featured in Addis Fortune.

Future Planning for Healthy, Productive Lives

Thanks to an unusual collaboration, some young beat makers inspired us to call it what it is: not family planning, but future planning.

For Young People, Is Family Planning a Misnomer?

By calling what we do family planning, we may be ignoring the fact that many young people aren’t trying to plan families—they’re trying to plan futures.

On the Rocky Road to Universal Health Coverage

This November, the global health community’s eyes should be on two major gatherings in Brazil and Ethiopia.

Preventing Stockouts, Saving Lives

We talk a lot about the need to increase demand for family planning, but the reality is simple: no contraceptives, no demand.

The Other 16 and Pregnant

Without access to reproductive health services, adolescents' plans could be interrupted by unintended pregnancy.