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Family Planning Has Yet to Take Hold in West Africa—But Change Is Coming

What does the health workforce have to do with family planning and contraceptive rates? A lot, it turns out.

A Day in the Life of a Family Planning Health Worker

The clinic is packed when Mama Blandina teaches women and their families about the importance of family planning and spacing births.

Three Things We Know about Family Planning—and Why We Don’t Talk About One of Them

Plenty of obstacles stand in the way of health workers who provide contraception to their clients. And personal bias is one of them.

The Family Planning Health Workforce: Making an Impact

Health workers who provide family planning services can make a big difference in their clients' lives.

Ten Powerful Family Planning Stories

Youth and data. Music and nomenclature. Culture and controversy. These top 10 pieces from the past year on VITAL run the gamut of what it takes to plan for our population’s health and future.

Family Planning, Future Planning on World Population Day

What will it take to create a healthy, prosperous world population as we pass the 7.2 billion mark?

Data Can Tell Stories—and Improve Health Care

In Liberia, technologists are learning to make two powerful information systems operate together, slowly revealing the story of how family planning there does—and doesn't—work.

Corporate Volunteers Can Create a Ripple Effect for Global Health

In Senegal, the government is working to make sure family planning supplies are available when and where they’re needed. Pfizer Global Health Fellow Suzie Roy is helping to make it happen.