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10 Health Workers Who Inspired Us in 2014

We met some amazing health workers this year. They work hard every day to keep their communities healthy—and many put their lives on the line to do it.

New Report: Why We Need Better Data on Community Health Workers

The Frontline Health Workers Coalition calls for a systematic approach to assessing the community health workforce and its impact.

It’s Time to Measure the ROI (Return on Innovation)

How much do eHealth and mHealth initiatives truly cost? It’s time we start working together to find out.

Your Voice: Frontline Health Workers Are the Unsung Heroes of Global Health Progress

Frontline health workers are vital links between their communities and health systems. In remote and underserved areas, they can also be the difference between life and death.

Women on the Front Lines of Care: Seven Ways to Show We Care

How much do we really value women in the health workforce? And how can we make it a better place for them to work? Judith Winkler has some ideas.

Human Resources for Health: Shifting the Paradigm

Pape Gaye answers 8 questions about what we've accomplished so far—and where we're going from here.

In the Mountains of Lesotho, Motorcycles Mean Health Care

What happens when health workers can't reach the people who need them? Hint: There's a two-wheeled solution.

Picturing Our Work: Teaching Teachers to Save Lives

Nigeria has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. We're working with health workers to change that.

Overcoming Obstacles to Accessing Mental Health Services in Ethiopia

How can we develop Ethiopia's mental health workforce and improve the system overall? There are some ways.

Things Are Looking Up for Rwanda’s Mothers and Babies

Back in 2000, only about 25% of mothers in Rwanda delivered their babies in health facilities. Today, that number is almost 70%.