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Midwives Matter for Haiti's Moms

In the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, maternal and child health challenges persist. Midwives can help Haiti meet those challenges.

The Vaccine Talk: A Crucial Moment for Parents, Children, and Health Workers

When it comes to talking to clients about vaccinations, clear communication is essential for health workers. And so is training.

UN Security Council Open Debate on Children in Armed Conflict

UN members say attacks on schools and hospitals are war crimes.

Greater Support for Social Service Workers Leads to Better Care for Children

This year, 6.6 million children under five won’t reach their birthdays.

For Children, Health Workers Are Key to Longer Lives

Parents of five-year-olds everywhere share many experiences. But access to high-quality child health services is not one of them.

Three Ways for Health Workers to Mitigate a Hidden Global Crisis

In Nepal, burns are the 10th leading cause of death for children under five. But two-month-old Astha survived.

World Food Day: Healthy People Need Healthy Food Systems

Children who are undernourished and stunted often suffer lifelong consequences. But there’s plenty we can do as a global community to stop this.

Frontline Health Workers' Key Role in Improving Nutrition

In Jharkhand, India, one auxiliary nurse midwife struggles to mobilize women to take advantage of Village Health and Nutrition Days.

Vistaar: Two Decades of Collaboration for Women and Children

A lot has changed during the past 20 years of partnership between IntraHealth and the Government of India.

Your Money Saved That Kid’s Life

Five thousand miles from Washington, DC, in the African country of Niger, something very good is happening.