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A SwitchPoint Podcast for the Era of COVID-19

Our 2020 keynotes dig into the structural inequity laid bare by the COVID-19 pandemic—and what it means for the future we want.

When we invited Gavin Yamey and Aarathi Krishnan to SwitchPoint 2020 back in late 2019, we had no way of knowing just how much the world would change between then and now. Reality has completely shifted and the world we once knew simply does not exist anymore.

We (virtually) sat down with Gavin, a physician and professor of global health at Duke University, and Aarathi, a strategic foresight and humanitarian futures analyst, to get their thoughts on how COVID-19 is shaping our world and the field of global health. They have ideas on what the future may look like—in best or worst case scenarios—and they dive into them in episode three of the SwitchPoint podcast.

The SwitchPoint podcast explores what happens when extraordinary experts from completely different fields come together to do some good. We hit record on conversations between speakers who are inspired and challenged by one another and eager to dive into each other’s worlds as they push new humanitarian ideas from across boundaries and industries—all for the greater global good. Stay tuned for more.