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Meet the Health Workers Who Are Leading Us to an AIDS-Free Generation

These are the people and ideas we’ve got our eyes on this World AIDS Day.

It’s easy to say that an HIV diagnosis is no longer a death sentence—after all, it isn’t.

We have antiretroviral therapies to keep viral loads down, PrEP to keep new infections from happening, and a greater understanding of how to manage and prevent the virus than ever before. We know that people who live with HIV today can do just that—live.

But that doesn’t erase the fear the diagnosis brought for many of the 2.1 million people infected last year. Or the stigma. Or the lack of access to the health services and medicines they now need. The social, emotional, and physical tolls of the virus continue to destroy lives, even as we develop new ways to save them.

Stigma, for instance, is what kept Agnes’s husband from seeking care when he got sick. It’s what kept Grace’s family from taking care of her even when she had become a “walking corpse”. And it’s what drives Imelda to find a cure.

We know that people who live with HIV today can do just that—live.

At IntraHealth International, we’re working to expand access to HIV services and wipe out the stigma that surrounds it. We’re determined to achieve an AIDS-free generation by 2030, and we know health workers will lead the way, providing the full gamut of complex, compassionate care and prevention services HIV demands.

Here are just a few of the health workers and big ideas we’ve got our eyes on this World AIDS Day. Read the stories and share. Join the conversation. Do your part to make #HealthWorkersCount for stigma and prevention on #WorldAIDSDay:

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