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Malaria Prevention and Treatment in Rural Community-based 'Health Huts'

In Senegal, malaria is responsible for about one-third of all outpatient consultations and between 20% and 30% of mortality in health facilities. For the past 3 years IntraHealth International, in partnership and with financial support from Pfizer, has worked to increase the support to health huts and reduce the prevalence of malaria in the remote region of Tambacounda Senegal. (Where is Tambacounda?)

Because of Pfizer’s corporate partnership with IntraHealth, our Tambacounda team, led by Lamine Guèye, has worked to refurbish 24 health huts, provide updated training for 48 community health care workers on how to administer rapid diagnostic tests, provide artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACT) treatment and educate community members through mobile video sessions, radio programs, discussions and talks on malaria. These life saving activities, carried out across 96 villages where approximately 25,000 people live, have strengthened the community’s ability to mobilize and fight against malaria. In addition to the community health workers, the project trained over 96 village volunteers on malaria prevention and sensitization techniques, and a total of 72 health committee members to raise their awareness and increase their engagement to fight malaria. Health workers also have better tools, and training to be able to serve the communities they work in and to provide vital front line defenses to reduce the incidence and strengthen the care available for those touched by the disease.

Please take a look at a recent video produced by Pfizer to see some of the people and places being touched by this work.


Rodio Diallo (on the right) visits a health hut.  Source:

Rodio Diallo (on the right) visits a health hut. Source: