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To Do: Join Forces, Save Lives

Change is in the air. And it feels good.

The secret is out! And we couldn’t be more excited.

After months of planning, strategizing, and daydreaming about how to reach more people around the world with the health care they need, we’ve done something big:

IntraHealth International is joining forces with DAI, one of the world’s leading development organizations.

If we want to keep doing good, we need to be creative about it.

Our partnership is something new, both for us and for the world of international development. It’s not a merger. It’s not an acquisition. It’s a unique affiliation agreement that will help us work together toward new advances in global health.

It’s been clear for a while now that major changes in funding and policy are shaking and shaping the field of international development. And that despite the enormous progress we’ve made in global health, there’s still a lot to do.

If we want to keep doing good—and achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals—we need to be creative about it. We can’t transform global health all by ourselves, and we can’t do it without paying close attention to the many factors that affect health and well-being. Education, agriculture, the environment, gender equality—the list is long.

So it’s time to work together in bold new ways. And that’s what our new partnership is all about. Read more about how and why we’re doing it here: