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Leah McManus

Former technical program manager, IntraHealth International

Leah McManus was a technical program manager at IntraHealth International, where she worked with programs in Liberia, Guinea, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to strenthen the countries' health systems and empower local governments to support health workers.


Amidst Ebola Crisis, Coordination and Long-Term Thinking Pay Off

mHero started as a way to combat Ebola, but Liberia plans to use it for the long run.

mHero May Be the Tech Response to Ebola that Liberia's Health Workers Need

The Liberian government is teaming up with international NGOs and others to make mHero a reality.

A Return to Monrovia in the Time of Ebola

Wash hands, take temperature, no touching. It's a day-to-day mantra in Liberia as country leaders forge partnerships to end Ebola.