Announcing Kenya’s Health Professional of the Year Awards

The IntraHealth International-led Capacity Kenya project will honor local health workers next month with the Health Professional of the Year awards, which are designed to promote excellence, strengthen capacity, and recognize professionalism in health care provision.   Nominees—from public, private, and faith-based health facilities nationwide—will be selected by their peers.

Initial Success in Human Resources Software Rollout in Ghana

At a regional meeting in Monrovia, Liberia in May, the West African Health Organization (WAHO) presented promising results from a pilot of the iHRIS Manage software in the Northern region of Ghana. iHRIS Manage is a software package that enables an organization to design and manage a comprehensive human resources strategy, which was developed by the Capacity Project and supported by CapacityPlus, both led by IntraHealth International.

Capacity<i>Plus</i> Participates in Key Intersectoral Coordination Meeting in Latin America

Wanda Jaskiewicz, of the IntraHealth International-led CapacityPlus global project, participated in a May 4–6 meeting in El Salvador, “Human Resources for Health Plans and Primary Health Care: The Challenges of Inter-Sectoral and Social Coordination.” The gathering was organized by the Pan American Health Organization and the Global Health Workforce Alliance in collaboration with the ministries of health of El Salvador and Brazil.

Capacity<i>Plus</i> Explores Mobile Health Strategies for Performance Support

The Tanzania Human Resource Capacity Project—a Capacity Project Associate Award—is supporting parasocial workers, a new cadre of community social worker serving the country’s most vulnerable children. To bolster this support, the IntraHealth International-led CapacityPlus global project is examining ways to use mobile phone technology as a tool for supportive supervision.