IntraHealth International Wins Pfizer Grant

September 11, 2007, Chapel Hill, NC—IntraHealth International, an organization committed to global public health, will lead a $1.5 million Pfizer-funded project to fight malaria in Senegal. IntraHealth International has an office and a large USG-funded health project in Senegal.

Working With Ethiopian Health Centers To Improve HIV/AIDS Care

IntraHealth has been selected by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to work with Management Sciences for Health (MSH) on an HIV/AIDS community care program in Ethiopia. The Ethiopia HIV/AIDS Care and Support Project is a three-year, $30 million initiative to expand HIV/AIDS services, including antiretroviral therapy (ART), to communities and health centers throughout the country. It is the largest USAID-funded program of its kind in Africa. IntraHealth will be taking the lead in providing quality integrated HIV/AIDS services at health centers. 

The Sudan People's Liberation Army And IntraHealth Join Ranks To Fight HIV/AIDS

After 22 years of conflict, the autonomous region of Southern Sudan is moving toward peaceful self-governance. However, concerns about HIV/AIDS cast a shadow on positive developments. While prevalence of HIV is thought to be low in Southern Sudan, collecting accurate epidemiological data during decades of unrest has been difficult. Furthermore, there are concerns that increased mobility to this region from areas of higher HIV/AIDS prevalence may accelerate Southern Sudan's infection rate.

Working With The Rwandan Government To Fight HIV/AIDS

IntraHealth has been selected by USAID to lead the HIV/AIDS Clinical Services Program in Rwanda's Northern Zone—a five-year, $27.7 million dollar initiative to expand HIV/AIDS clinical services capacity for patient care in partnership with national and district-led Rwandan institutions. This represents one of the three awards awarded by USAID to support HIV/AIDS clinical services in 14 out of 30 districts in Rwanda.

Under The Smiling Sun: Bangladesh's NGO Service Delivery Program Looks Back

Around 500 participants attended an "end of project" conference in Dhaka on May 23 for the Nongovernmental Organization Service Delivery Program (NSDP) in Bangladesh. IntraHealth has provided technical assistance and training expertise to NSDP since 2002. The five-year USAID-funded program, led by Pathfinder International, has worked to advance the health of Bangladeshis through improving the delivery and quality of essential public health services, training health care providers and assisting NGOs with institutional development.